What happened to the HVAC supplier?

Last year, when I had to call the HVAC supplier to do the servicing on our a/c, it took myself and others nearly a week to get a serviceman to the house.

I was ecstatic that I had called them early, or I may not have had the servicing done before summer.

I understand that sometimes the HVAC supplier can get busy, even though I thought it was silly to take so long. I even told the guy that I couldn’t understand how they could stay in business. This past Spring, I called the HVAC supplier to have our service done. It floored myself and others to hear they had gone out of business. I knew they were slow last year, even though I didn’t expect them to just close up the business. I was scrambling trying to find another HVAC supplier that would do our servicing. It also sad myself and others since I had a service & service agreement. Was the current HVAC supplier going to honor that service agreement or was I going to need to buy a single from the current HVAC supplier. Those agreements weren’t cheap. I finally found an HVAC supplier that would service our a/c unit. They offered to honor the remainder of our service agreement, & they even signed myself and others on as a single of their customers. They were kind enough to include our gas furnace in the service & service agreement. I’m not sure if I’ll be staying with this current HVAC supplier. They are a bit more pricey than the outdated a single I used. Then again, the outdated HVAC supplier just closed up on myself and others without any warning & this a single is laboring under their service agreement.


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