What is the best thermostat setting for the office?

There is always a lot of debate about what is the best setting on the thermostat.

A lot of people think that a colder temperature on the thermostat is good for an office environment because it allows you to stay awake.

When I am in my office I usually set my HVAC system to full blast because I love to be cold. My thermostat is always cranking and I turn the fan on. My HVAC bill is pretty hefty, but I think it is worth it. Before I was a CEO I didn’t have the power to change the office thermostat and I remember all the offices I was in were pretty warm. Some of the offices I was in barely even had an HVAC system! There is nothing worse than working somewhere that has no HVAC system in place. There was another office that I worked at where the HVAC system would work sometimes and not others so I never knew what to wear. It sounds like it wouldn’t be that bad to work somewhere where the HVAC system was on and off all the time, but it really wasn’t pleasant. I called an HVAC technician to come in to the office a few times just to see if we could get it fixed. My boss was never happy when he found out that I called an HVAC technician behind his back, but I always felt that it really needed to be done. My employees now are happy because I have installed ductless mini split systems which allow groups of employees to choose which temperature they would like.


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