What is wrong with the HVAC company?

The HVAC technicians are not as good, and they are definitely not as friendly

I have no idea what is wrong with the HVAC company that I have been working with, but the HVAC company is very different from what they used to be. I have been using this HVAC company for nearly two decades, but during the last year, I have noticed a lot of changes within the HVAC company that has made me pretty skeptical that the HVAC company is still worth hiring. I just wish that I understand why the HVAC company was different. The HVAC company is still owned by the same HVAC technician that started the company, and there is no difference in the local economy that should heavily affect the HVAC company. Here are the things that are different concerning the HVAC company. First of all, the HVAC company has raised their prices. Now, I know that companies often raise their prices as the economy changes, but as I said before, the economy has not changed a lot. Also, the raises in the price of HVAC services is substantial. They went from being the most affordable HVAC company in the city to being the most expensive HVAC company in the area. I can barely afford to hire the HVAC company anymore. Secondly, I have also noticed that the HVAC technicians that the HVAC company has been hiring have been sketchy. The HVAC technicians are not as good, and they are definitely not as friendly. I used to trust the HVAC technicians, but I do not anymore. I think that it might be time to find a new HVAC company.

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