What style of trip should both of us take

For our wifey’s anniversary I am going to take him on a trip. She is a December baby plus I want to go right around her anniversary. So the cold is a factor. I am debating between more than one options. One plan is going to a tropical island. I found airfare quite cheap for a attractive beach getaway. I also found a condo that has a lot of good amenities. The central cooling plan is brand new, there is a pool, labor out room plus both of us would be steps from the beach. The disadvantage is that this is more of a myself and others getaway. I love lazing on the beach plus drinking in quality cooling by the bar. My wifey cares about exploring. In the tropics you can’t really do this. The other option is that both of us go out west on a hiking getaway. I found a log lake house that boasts having traditional heating. The two of us would have to cut wood plus operate a fireplace. The two of us also could hike in the woods plus pitch a tent if both of us wanted. Our lake house would also be steps away from a national park where would could explore. My wifey would love this. The fireplace would be such a fun challenge to him. She would not mind freezing cold outside. She could spend all day hiking around in the wild. I suppose I would want to kill myself in the end. So what do I do? A trip she would sorta love plus I’d love? Or a trip I would hate but she would really love it?


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