What to do about the HVAC

Earlier this week, I was outside and heard my neighbor being mad at his heating & air conditioner system.

  • I am no heating & air conditioner specialist, but I do know some of the basics on heating & cooling repair.

I asked him what exactly the issue was with the heating and the cooling system, however he told me that his air conditioner machine’s unit was making loud noises, & then the heating & air conditioner machine itself broke down, then the air conditioner component on the side of the home would not turn on at all no matter what in the whole wide world he did. I went into the garage & got my special tools. Then, I went back over there to have a look at his broken down heating & air conditioner unit’s machine. It turned out that it was absolutely just a one shot easy fix. I took off the front screen of the air conditioner & heating unit, & then I found that there was some grass stuck in the motor of the A/C; All of us had recently had a crucial wind storm going wild. And while we were in this wind storm, it blew a lot of grass all over the place, however somehow, the grass ended up getting into our neighbor’s heating & air conditioner unit’s system. So, what I did at that point was get a cloth & a blower from my tools. I then went & wiped off all the grass in there that I possibly could from the air conditioner & heating motor, following doing that, I used the blower to blow the rest of it out of there. He then turned on his heating & air conditioner unit’s machine through the thermostat on the wall, & all was absolutely working!

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