What to do for HVAC

I have been reading about energy savings related to heating and air conditioning, including several well-reasoned articles that they say if you buy a portable heating system and a portable air conditioner, and use them instead of your central heating and cooling system, you could saving a handsome fortune on your monthly electric bills – nearly tearing them in half! Too good to be true? It sounds like it! I am considering giving it a try, though.

Using these portable pieces of equipment half the day and running the central heating and air conditioning the other half.

I’m not sure how great of an idea it is, but portable gas furnaces are pretty cheap. However, those small, portable air conditioners are not! On sale, they go for about $400, so if the plan fails, I’m out hundreds of dollars. However, I like to gamble, so I think I will try this, and see if the advice is right. I have been reading this stuff on assorted websites that I found through clicking many live links. So, who knows, it could be real, or it could be fake. Whatever the case, the more I learn about it, the more determined I’m becoming, because it does make sense that portable gas furnaces and air conditioners consume less energy than running a centralized system all of the time.


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