What was wrong with our new thermostat

I just got a new smart thermostat, then my outdated a single was broken because our pet ended up killing it, and that’s a long story in itself.

But our new smart thermostat had a slight issue with it that turned out to be a factory defect.

The digital display of the smart thermostat was not studying right! And it also kept going out on myself and others so I could not see what was going on with it. I yet again had to call back the local heating, ventilation and A/C supplier to send out a certified heating and cooling worker to replace the smart thermostat. This time there was no charge at all because this was an error on their area for not checking out their stock to see if it was a defective a single or not. The heating, ventilation and A/C supplier apologised for the mess up and replaced the smart thermostat with a respected and fully working a single. They told myself and others that our issue honestly woke them up to a potential ongoing issue with the last stock they had got in. And that they are going to start going through everything and checking them. So our issue alerted them to a possible issue, and not that it benefits myself and others in any way, shape or form. But I was cheerful to know that this would not happen to anyone else who may either buy or need a replacement of their smart or digital thermostats in their home. This smart thermostat should end up lasting myself and others a lifetime I would think. So long as our pet doesn’t find a way to kill this a single too!

furnace/heater tune-up