What you see online could be written by me

I don’t trust anything I read on google these days.

I can read any number of customer reviews and even content on a website I am a fan of, but I’m still skeptical.

I regularly think that someone like myself is behind the content on the site, and there’s not much genuine content. For a ton of professional Heating and Air Conditioning businesses, our content is on their website. The SEO company usually will tell the clients that they have a team of writers with extensive journalism degrees, working in an office space and bouncing ideas off each other. that is not exactly true! For our SEO corporation, I am the only real content writer. I also only have a high school diploma, work from home and I am the wife of the owner of the company! That is how I got the job, after all. I am sure when the Heating and Air Conditioning companies reach out and picture the individuals writing the content, they are not imagining this sight – a lady in her sweatpants, tapping away at her keyboard. But hey, I know I do a superb job! I don’t need to know anything about SEM, PPC or SEO – I just need to know Heating and Air Conditioning so I can churn out quality content. I don’t have a fancy writing degree from any accredited schools, though I’m quite talented as a writer naturally. Since I have the ability to search and learn about Heating and Air Conditioning, that is just what I did! I can write properly, put in the keywords I am told to use, and everything falls into place from there.