When I first met my wife, she had problems with the HVAC in her living space

When I first met my wife, she rented a room in her uncle’s house. Whenever I would go to visit her at that time, her room was always unusually overheated. I thought maybe the HVAC vent was blocked or something, but that didn’t seem to be the case. I realized there had to be a problem with the ductwork being blocked up or something. She ended up asking her uncle if he would call the HVAC company to have the ductwork cleaned out, but he refused to do that. Even though she paid a large amount of money to rent that room, he would not make things more comfortable in the household for her. I thought that was ridiculous and she ended up moving in with me in my home. I actually had a whole house given it was only 2 bedrooms. The good thing was that the HVAC system was on point because I made sure to get regular HVAC system maintenance. I also made sure to have my ductwork cleaned every other year. Eventually we moved to another state and bought a home together. I guess we always knew we were meant to be because we were pretty much inseparable throughout the years and I eventually asked her to marry me. Now we have a really great home in a nice neighborhood with a couple of kids. We are a close knit family and we always make sure to do what we can for our children. That includes making sure the air quality is great and they don’t suffer from any problems. I realized early on that their rooms were a little overheated because they were upstairs, so I decided to install window A/C units in their bedrooms.



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