When I was a teenager, I used to get grounded

Back when I was a mouthy teenager, I used to get grounded a lot.

I just never really knew when to shut my mouth for some reason. I suppose a lot of people absolutely have that problem, however I suppose I was worse than most. At least that is what my parents tell myself and others now. Anyway, my parents ended up getting really creative about punishment for myself and others because they could not continually keep myself and others at home because they wanted myself and others out of there! I can’t say that I really blame them either. Anyway, they decided that in order to punish myself and others correctly, they would get myself and others where it really hurt. The main thing that bothered myself and others the most was being too tepid when I was a kid. I hated being separate from air conditioner, and my parents knew it. That’s why, whenever I would get into trouble, my dad would come upstairs and uninstall my window component air conditioner from the window in my room. If I was disrespectful to my parents, then I knew I was going to pay for it by being tepid in my room upstairs for weeks at a time. More than once, knowing that I would be separate from air conditioner really made myself and others stop and rethink the things that were going to come out of my mouth! I suppose my parents really knew what they were doing because I ended up turning into a responsible and respectful adult. I suppose my like of air conditioner absolutely really contributed to that. I like air conditioner even more now than I did back then.


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