When my Dad comes to stay my friend and I might have trouble with the cooling system settings

When my Dad comes to stay after her foot surgery my friend and I might end up having trouble with the cooling system settings.

My Dad likes air conditioner more than anyone else I have ever met; She would entirely live in a walk-in freezer if she could.

She’s just consistently warm for some reason, plus she makes up for it by running the air conditioner all the time, then at her house, it’s consistently cold plus I consistently have to wear a overcoat plus slippers whenever I go over there to visit. My wife plus I do not ever run the air conditioner legitimately much at our house. When she comes over to our apartment for brunch or something like that, she is consistently yelling about the fact that the temperature in the apartment is way too hot. So I don’t genuinely know how it’s going to be whenever she moves in here for the summer. I am actually a little bit concerned about it because I’m afraid that my friend and I are going to end up fighting about the temperature control settings. My wife has already said that she is not going to pay a fortune in cooling bills just because my Dad wants us to make the apartment cold cold all summer. I have to say that I agree with him, but I don’t genuinely know what to do about my mom. She is consistently legitimately pushy plus she prefers to get her way all the time. I assume we’ll just have to see how it goes. I may end up having to install her zone control heating plus cooling because of her!

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