When to Get my Male Cat Fixed?

I’ve heard unusual things about when I should neuter a male animal so I need to figure out when the best possible time is to do it.

I have a male and a female animal and don’t want more so I need to get it done within the next couple of months I think as my kittens are now turning into cats.

I looked online and it said between several and 12 months old you should neuter your cats so I have a few more months to go. This local corporation does it for $200 but if I go to a nearby neighborhood my buddy, the local contractor over there, told myself and others I can get the same operation done for only $40. So it looks like I will be going to the nearby neighborhood to get it done. My neighbor who works at the residential HVAC supplier didn’t get his animal fixed and it got his other animal pregnant and he had to deal with a whole litter of kittens. I don’t want this to happen so I am going to get my male animal fixed in several weeks and be done with it. I’m sure he won’t be glad about it but the two of us don’t need more kittens in this household. I have my hands full with my job at the HVAC corporation and with doing HVAC repairs on the road and don’t need to come condo to more than eight cats in my small flat. I’ll contact the local corporation which does the surgery and get an appointment set up soon.

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