Who is interrupting my air conditioning?

I’m feeling so good right now but who is ringing my doorbell? I don’t feel like getting up to answer it.

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon and I have about an hour and a half to two hours left of work.

I think if I just ignore it, the person will go away and come back when I’m done working. My attention and focus are on my job currently and I don’t want any actual human interaction that can stall it out. The doorbell wrung again, and again. Who can be this person that won’t get the clue and just walk away? Again, my doorbell rings, I just want to sit in peace in my air conditioning, is that too much to ask? Then it rings three straight times. Frustrated, I get up and walk to the door and answer it. A flood of heat ruins the air quality in my house and it’s my mom standing there smiling and then she just walks right in. I immediately said, “What mom, I’m working and need to get my job done.” She holds out a box of my favorite creameries and said she just was out and wanted to drop these off since they are my favorite. “Oh, thank you,” I said. I was caught off guard but the kindness from my mother can’t be overlooked and my anger quickly disappeared. She then said that my house feels a little warm and I should try turning on the air conditioning. I laughed because she let all that hot air into my house.

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