Who was supposed to call the HVAC company

Last week, our furnace broke.

My husband tried to tell me that he had told me there was a problem with the furnace, but I knew he didn’t.

I told him that had he told me, I would have called the HVAC company right away. He told me that I should have called the HVAC company when he first told me and we wouldn’t be without heating. This went back and forth for a full day, while we sat in the cold and wore our coats in the house. When the HVAC company finally arrived, he asked my husband what the problem was. He told him and they went down to the basement. An hour later, my husband came back upstairs. His head was low and he was looking at me, sheepishly. He apologized because he hadn’t told me about the problem with the furnace. He had been talking to his brother on the telephone that night and they had been talking about the furnace. He said that when he had been telling the HVAC repairman what he heard, it hit him that he had been talking to his brother. He suddenly remembered the conversation. When he came to bed, I was already sleeping and he forgot to tell me the next day. I kissed him on the forehead and graciously accepted his apology. I told him I had a freebie coming next time I forgot to tell him something, and he couldn’t get angry. I’m not sure he is happy about that, because I don’t give up or apologize as easily as he did, but I will be nice about it.

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