Whole house air purifier is great for immune response

There are times that we face when patience is truly a virtue. For me, that time is certainly now. With a pandemic spreading across the globe, I feel like my best bet is to simplify my life and wait it out. I can’t judge what others do and we all have to live our life but, a bit of patience and caring would go a long way about now. Working from home in the HVAC comfort is part of my patience plan. I miss the office and my colleagues but, I sure like the HVAC better at my house. It’s a blessing that I will be able to work from home for the duration of this pandemic mess. Just working at least allows me a proactive bit of normalcy. Another proactive step I’ve taken has to do with the indoor air quality of my home. It concerned me to read that poor indoor air quality had such a diminishing effect on the immune system. I hadn’t really considered the indoor air quality of our home much. During the worst of the pollen season, I might put in a HEPA type HVAC air filter. But, I have never been consistent with that. So, I chose to have the HVAC people put in a whole house air purifier. It isn’t all that big and fits inside the HVAC air handler. There, it emits an intense beam of UV light that destroys airborne contaminants as they come through the return and into the HVAC. It feels better knowing that there is something cleaning the air actively. Plus, the house has never smelled so clean and crisp.

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