Why does a/c freeze over?

In the middle of the summer season, I noticed that there was ice buildup on the outdoor air conditioner component, but I figured this couldn’t be a great sign because I have never seen this before. I decided to call the HVAC supplier so they could assist with this problem. The first thing the HVAC professional took care of when he got to our place was the temperature control, and when he had that we had the temperature control set to fifty degrees, he immediately thought this was the issue, and he was telling us that we shouldn’t have our temperature control under sixty degrees, because this puts the system at risk of developing ice on the coils and also could cause the HVAC duct to sweat. He was explaining that if the HVAC duct were to sweat like this, it could cause complications with mold growth and seriously affect the air quality in our home. We didn’t know about these things, even though I was happy that we were able to learn from this man. He took care of everything else out and couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary that would be causing the ice buildup other than the actual temperature control settings… From then on, we set our temperature control to seventy degrees. I always thought the temperature control settings were kind of low, but that was the setting that my wife preferred! Now she is concerned that she can’t have the temperature ice chilly in our household anymore! This doesn’t bother me all that much, even though I tell her to just use a fan if she needs to cool off more or she can always use ice packs. I actually bought her special ice packs so she can keep cool.

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