Why don’t people use the a/c more?

I find it so interesting that cooling systems are not as popular as other Heating & A/C units, however in fact, when I spent time in a different country, I found that most locals didn’t even own an cooling system, obviously, the local buildings have cooling systems.

If you wanted to think the comfort of an cooling system, then your only option is to go to a government building… Those are easily the only buildings that are going to have a running cooling system.

I was truly lucky to have rented an home with a working cooling system. In our building, every one of us have ductless mini-split cooling systems that allow us to control the cooling systems in each room, although other people have cooling systems in their apartment, they rarely use them. Those that do use the cooling systems only turn them on if their home is over 90 degrees. As I grew to realize that they all dislike cooling systems, I wanted to discover why. I began asking the locals what they had against cooling systems. They were telling me that it is unhealthy for your body to use an cooling system while in the summer. The only safe time to use an cooling system is in winter. However, since you don’t need an cooling system while in winter, there is no need. They are also taught by their culture medicine that cooling systems cause cancer all the time. In fact, they seemed to teach that cooling systems are more dangerous while in the logical times to use an cooling system, like after exercise, while in the summer, etc.

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