Why don’t we clean our ductwork?

A couple of months ago, I was trying to figure out how our furnace worked.

I had never seen a lot of ductwork in the basement.

I had been listening to my son talking about HVAC. He had recently gone to the local college and he began taking classes for certification on HVAC. He was telling me all about ductwork and how you needed to make sure to have your ductwork professionally cleaned by HVAC ductwork cleaners. This had me thinking about how we had never had our own ductwork cleaned. My husband just looked at me and asked me how long we had lived here. I told him he was a smart aleck and he knew how long we had lived in the house. He asked me why I didn’t know there wasn’t any ductwork in the house. I couldn’t figure out how we could have the furnace and not have ductwork. He invited me to come downstairs to see the furnace. The furnace didn’t look like anything I had ever seen. I remembered the furnace we had when we lived at home, and this was so different. How oil furnace didn’t have any water pipes connected to it, either. He pointed to what I thought should be the furnace and he told me it was a boiler. The boiler heated the water that flowed through the water pipes and created the heating that came out of the baseboard heaters. I felt like a fool, but I did know that now I could get radiant heating in my bathroom.

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