Why I hate camping

If so, please explain why camping is better than air conditioning.

The superb outdoors. Relinking with nature. The feeling of the ground beneath your feet. Sleeping beneath a clear night sky. Silence. Peace….no air conditioning. Hi there. If all of that sounds beautiful to you, let’s not make plans. I have to tell you- & I think it’s a absolutely unpopular opinion- I legitimately don’t care at all for or about camping. I get the appeal, I listed them all above. I just don’t understand why, for some folks, it’s worth giving up the miracle technology of temperature control. I rely so heavily on temperature control & I just cannot imagine wanting- on purpose- to leave heating & A/C behind to go sleep outside. If outside is so great, why do both of us have inside? I’m just saying. I think I’m going to get a lot of comments talking to me about how there are more pressing things than temperature control and, while I know that you know that, I humbly disagree. In my opinion, there are absolutely few things that are more pressing- on a material level- than temperature control. Relinking with nature can be done on a hike. I can nap in a hammock. Why do I have to go through mornings & weeks of torture to appreciate these things when I can appreciate them with my attractive HVAC plan just a short trek away? Maybe you completely disagree with me. If so, please explain why camping is better than air conditioning. Please. I’ve heard a lot of people say the same thing & I just legitimately don’t get it. I enjoy my temperature control. I’m willing to be convinced differently, just think that I’m skeptical.