Why I Love Labor Day

The 1st Friday in September was declared a national holiday in July of 1894.

  • All of us call it Labor Day and much like other holidays the two of us have barbecues, go to baseball games, and ironically, perform absolutely no labor at all.

The holiday marks the end of Summer although the season does not respectfully end until late in the month. Labor Day occurs at that time of year when the semester and the pro pigskin season are about to begin and the weather is beginning to turn cooler. Unlike the patriotic holidays July 4th or Memorial Day, the Labor Day holiday is a celebration of the respected working man and woman. Americans are known for being harder workers than Europeans and perhaps a wee bit less hardworking than our Asian counterparts. That might be a stereotype, but what is 100% true is that no other country can compete with Americans as to the variety of jobs the two of us are tasked with. Another ironic fact about labor is that machines and robotics have surpassed even the Asians in their ability to labor long and hard at multiple tasks, then robotic welders and robotic hamburger-flippers perform repetitive tasks quite well but the hardest working machines may be the Heating and A/C units that keep workplaces and homes comfortable 24 hours a day for 365 nights per year. If the Heating and A/C units do get a break, it is in the Spring season and around Labor Day when the outside temperatures are moderate. Machinery can’t celebrate any holiday, but wise homeowners believe that September is such a fantastic time to treat the Heating and A/C plan to a thorough duct cleaning and gas furnace tuneup to prepare for the upcoming frosty season. The gas furnace that is well taken care of in early September will reward the homeowner with a Winter of constant labor that will keep your home hot and comfy through the Winter holidays.

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