Why I want a heat pump system

I have been seriously thinking about getting a heat pump system.

For a long time I relied on forced air heating and cooling.

The system was super inefficient. My HVAC would whirl to life and give me 100% power. After it achieved the temperature on the thermostat, it would power totally down. The constant cycling on and off was annoying to listen to and was quite expensive. I also did not like having to pick heating or air and then hope the weather stays consistent. The HVAC was also frequently dirty. A heat pump would be such a different system than this. First, a heat pump system is both heating and air conditioning in a single system. How it runs is doubly efficient because it moves heat energy either inside or outside. It is way better for the system and your bills to do this. Also, since it is the outdoor air that is being handled, the indoor air quality is quite clean. No dust, dirt or hair is blowing around the house. The same old air is not being constantly cycled. Outdoor fresh air is always filtering into the home. The snag is that a heat pump is quite costly to install. There is the indoor unit and outdoor unit to install. The ground source heat pump cost can range from 5000-7500. It is quite a daunting number to consider for just heating and air. In the end though, with all the savings it might be worth getting a heat pump in my home. It has all the features that I want.


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