Why isn’t anyone calling?

About a year ago, a small Heating as well as A/C company opened up in town.

They planned on specializing in Geothermal units plus wanted to team up with builders in the area.

My friend is one of the owners plus he is a absolutely wonderful guy. He seemed on edge of late so I asked him how things were going. He said that business was slow plus if things didn’t option up soon, they would need to kneel off employees in order to stay on budget. The idea of putting someone out of toil after just a year absolutely bothered him. My associate and I have a lot of construction in our part plus it seems that homes are being built faster than ever. The Geothermal units are perfect for this because they are cost effective plus environmentally friendly. Both of these items appeal to new homeowners. I couldn’t figure out why my friend would be having a hard time drumming up business, but he said that, even though they had a wonderful product plus reliable installers, no one seemed to be calling them for estimates. I asked him about his advertising plan plus he said that they mostly depended on companys to tell customers about their services. This was his first mistake. I told him that he needed to advertise if he wanted to pull in clients. As fortune would have it, I am a web designer plus told him that I would supply him a wonderful price on a campaign to bring in more business. The place was up plus running within a week. Using keywords, demographics, plus submitting the place to many search engines made all the difference. The first month brought in a few new patrons plus he made enough to pay for the charges for the site.

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