Why staying at a motel is my favorite thing

I honestly care about going on vacations, however then again who doesn’t! My favorite thing about going on vacation is staying at a hotel because they always have the best AC units, however i guess that it might sound pretty random, but I am always so thrilled when I walk into a hotel room & I can believe the AC blasting.

I care about to turn the AC up or down as much as I want & not have to worry about the Heating, Ventilation & A/C bill! I have a big current home with central heating & cooling which means that if I turn the AC to whatever I want I am going to have to wait a long time & spend my savings a bunch of money, and everytime I go to a hotel with nice AC I tell myself that when I get current home I will get a current AC unit, but I never do.

This year I guess I will finally get the AC unit that I have been dreaming of. I understand that it might sound a little crazy for me to care about AC so much, but I guess that it is crucial! When I was a little child I had a window AC unit in my room & my parents would always yell at me when I would turn it up or down too much & say that it was going to run the Heating, Ventilation & A/C bill through the roof, however whenever I went to sleep I would secretly blast the AC unit & they never honestly noticed. I have thought about getting a ductless mini chop system because than I could blast the AC in my office or bedroom & not have to worry about the central heating & cooling costs.


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