Why your HVAC technician thinks you know nothing

It has come to my attention recently that many HVAC technicians think that people know nothing about HVAC.

I asked a friend of mine why many HVAC technicians have the assumption that people know nothing about their HVAC systems.

My HVAC friend told me that the reason many HVAC technicians think people know nothing is because when they call to get quotes people ask many ridiculous questions about their HVAC system. I think that many HVAC technicians use this to their advantage and think that they can charge outrageous amounts for their HVAC services. I remember when I called an HVAC technician once and he tried to charge me almost three times the amount that it should have crossed to fix my AC unit. Once I told my HVAC tech chain that I knew the cost should be lower he immediately said it was a mistake and that he would honor any other prince from another HVAC technician. As long as you educate yourself about the HVAC service you need done you are likely to save money on HVAC. You can learn a lot about the HVAC from websites and different people you may know. You would probably be surprised to know that it’s easy to find HVAC information online these days, you can even find information about how to fix your own HVAC system. In the end I had my HVAC technician come out and fix the AC system even though he tried to scam me in the start, he ended up not being a very good HVAC technician! The bottom line is many businesses will try to get your money, including HVAC companies.


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