Wife makes a mess when cleaning air conditioner

Whenever my wife gets involved in a household project, she ends up making a lot of extra toil for me.

When she decided to go around plus caulk all of the windows, she trampled my flower gardens plus left dirty fingerprints on the glass.

When she replaced the water heater, she flooded the basement plus left the seasoned water furnace for me to get rid of. She never puts away her tools or cleans up any mess or garbage. This past Springtime, she wanted to take the air conditioner apart plus clean it. I was not glad about this, because I knew it would result in a lot of toil for me. As soon as she got started on the air conditioner, she began dragging out a whole bunch of tools that I knew he’d never choice up again. It didn’t take long for him to take the air conditioner completely apart. There were stray parts scattered all over the venue plus I distraught she was going to lose important pieces. I started celebration up the stray screws. She then wanted to replace the air filter plus asked me to drive to the store to buy a new 1. By the time I returned beach house with a box of new filters, he’d managed to cut a belt. He’d also walked through the house, with her shoes on, to check every single 1 of the return vents. She left a trail of dirt. The whole project was a disaster. By the time my wife got the air conditioner cleaned plus put back together, I was super angry with him… Realizing the mess she created, she gave to clean up. She told me to go relax plus appreciate the air conditioner while she worked on everything. I had to admit that the air conditioner was absolutely operating a lot better than it had been.

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