Will our homeowners pay for the Heating damage

I felt love I was in a comedy of errors last week.

I had an appointment to have our gas furnace checked out.

I didn’t assume there were any major complications, so I was willing to wait until the Heating & A/C specialist could come out, but the first thing I observed was how frazzled the man looked when he walked in. His uniform was slightly rumpled as well as his shoe was untied. I told him about the shoestring, as well as he shrugged as well as mumbled something about it was consistently coming untied. While he was in the basement, I heard a bump as well as knew he had bumped his head on the low ductwork. As he was laboring on the gas furnace, there was a groan, as well as I wondered which finger he had slammed with a tool. Ten minutes later, he told me he was going out to the repair van to grab a up-to-date air filter. He couldn’t find any in the basement. He had a bandaid on his thumb, as well as a red mark on his forehead. When he came back into the house, he said he had about numerous more minutes as well as then he would talk to me about the bill. He didn’t get a option to come back up, because I heard him falling down the steps, as well as then he shouted for help. The Heating & A/C specialist tripped on his shoestring, as well as fell down the stairs. I had to call an ambulance because he had broken his leg. I was wondering if our homeowner’s insurance will pay for the Heating & A/C tech’s broken leg, as well as if I would need to pay for the ambulance?
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