Window cooling

I was really feeling sick of being overheated in our living room.

  • I decided to ask our parents if they would get me our own window air conditioner unit, so that I could keep cool in our room, my father was saying that if I got pretty average grades on our report card, then he would get me a nice window air conditioner unit.

I was feeling super motivated, so I paid extra attention to our instructors plus worked tough on all our homework, but some days I was really feeling tired with the reading I was doing, although I knew it would be worth it when I would get that brand new cooling machine in our room. I was anxious when the report cards finally were mailed out and my parents got mine in the mail! When our father opened up the report card, he supplied me with a entirely bummed out look and shook his head, but he then provided the report card to our mom for her to look at. She got entirely excited and was smiling, and I wasn’t sure what to do.. My father went on to show a hint of a smile and then told me he was super proud! I entirely got all A’s except for the one B in math. He then took me out to the store to look at unusual window air conditioner machines. He said that it would have to be an energy efficient model, because he didn’t want the utility costs to increase too much. So we found this certainly nice energy efficient air conditioner machine that had a convenient remote control. I was more than excited when I finally started using it!