Work out band tracker my heart rate and how well I do

My boyfriend bought me a piece of work out equipment for my birthday.

It is a band that goes around the middle with a tracker on it.

The tracker links to my phone through wifi and monitors my progress. The tracker monitors my heart rate and puts it on a chart. My weight, age and gender is factored in my results. I do a full work out while the tacker monitors period of intensity, rest and cool down exercises. I then get a graph that shows how well I did and get points for going into red. Yes, it is color coded by how hard you work. Basically I want to have an all red chart. This means my heart was pounding, I burned a ton of calories and achieved a better workout than a woman my age usually does. Orange is the next best color and yellow is where I am dogging it. In some ways the work out equipment is a great thing. I am now inspired to work out harder and get my heart pumping. For a cardio workout it is great motivation. The problem is I can’t put on the band for every work out. Weight lifting is not a heart pumping workout. So I don’t get good scores for it. But, I know that doing weight training is good for my body. I also don’t get many points for doing ab exercises or leg holds. This is again great toning. I basically only use it on cardio days. But, I still love it and I do feel it makes a difference.

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