Working at a beach shack with air conditioning

I labor as a waitress at a actually important plus popular diner at the beach, then although the arena is only open from late Springtime until early fall, I make a fantastic deal of currency in tips, the arena is constantly packed with people, plus all of us often have a line of customers waiting to get a table.

All of us offer both indoor plus outdoor seating.

I am required to take care of tables in both areas, while I like most everything about our task, running between the indoor plus outdoor tables is aggravating. The outdoor patio is located directly in the sunshine with a gorgeous view of the ocean, each table is outfitted with a important umbrella to shade the customers. While I take orders, deliver food plus drinks plus clear away dirty dishes, I am exposed to the sunshine plus end up dripping with sweat profusely. Then I stepped back inside, where the a/c is blasting at maximum capacity. I right away start to shiver; Going back plus forth between the heat plus the air conditioning is actually unpleasant! Plus, the wait staff is continually opening exterior doors. Every time all of us step through the doors, all of us allow the cool air to escape plus the boiling air to come in. This puts a tremendous amount of strain on the a/c. It runs non stop plus the owner continually complains about the electric bill. I’ve suggested that the waitresses either labor actually outdoors or completely indoors, but he refuses to make any swings to operation. He’d rather spend money important energy costs plus be faced with frequent repairs because the a/c is overworked.