Working on the heating and air

After I sold my home, I had to move to an apartment that was in a huge apartment building.  I finally broke down and called my daughter. I talk to her all of the time, but I never told her about the house.  I knew that I had to say something to her, because she was supposed to come for a visit in a couple of months. I told her that I was selling the house, and where I was living.  I explained about the furnace, and she began to cry. She was so upset because I didn’t say something to her. She hung up on me, because that was the house she and her brother had grown up in.  I didn’t hear back from her for almost a week. I got a phone call from my son, and he said he was coming to pick me up. I was so surprised when he took me back to the house. He said they had installed the new furnace and I now had a modern and more up to date, HVAC system.  He didn’t want me to lose the home they had grown up in. I told them it was already on the market, and they both told me they had withdrawn the sale of the house. They paid for my lease so I could move back home. My daughter told me that the next time I made a decision like that because of a heating or air conditioning problem, I should call her.  She would take her family and move in with me. That is exactly what I don’t want.

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