Would it Kill My Twins to Call?

My two children are twins, so they’ve consistently been great friends. When they were little, they enjoyed similar activities, sports, plus games. It didn’t come as a surprise when they decided to go to the same College. However, I was a little surprised, when they picked a school in Florida. I consistently pictured the twins growing up and going to college in our hometown, however they wanted to transfer to Florida instead. I didn’t understand their decision at first, however I didn’t want to keep the twins from having a good time. When Jeb and Bonnie were accepted into the University of Tampa, it was bittersweet. I knew they’d both leave plus go to university together, then sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. However, Jeb plus Bonnie started attending their new school at the University of Tampa last year, and they’ve hardly called me since. I saw them over the holidays, however they didn’t come home during their summer vacation. Jeb decided to take extra classes, plus Bonnie wanted to work in Clearwater Beach with her friends. I easily didn’t want to make the twins feel bad, however I miss them both a lot. Would it kill them to call myself and others more frequently? I only hear from one of them once or twice a week, and that’s only if they answer my phone call. If I waited for Jeb plus Bonnie to contact me, I’d never hear my phone ring. I’m definitely ecstatic that the twins are having a good time in Tampa, however I really hope they decide to come home soon.

St. Petersburg