Would it Kill the Adolescents to Call Their Mom?

My children are only 18 months apart, so they’re best friends.

  • As young kids, they always enjoyed the same activities, interests, plus games.

I wasn’t actually surprised when they told me they wanted to attend the same College. I was a little shocked however, when they wanted to attend school in Florida. I constantly pictured my babies growing up plus going to a university here in our home state. However, they both wanted to be in Florida plus go to the beach. I didn’t understand in the beginning, although I didn’t want to keep them from living their best life. When Jeff plus Bonnie were accepted into the University of Tampa, I was cheerful plus sad. I understood they’d both leave plus go to university together. Like I expected, that was exactly what happened. Jeff plus Bonnie began attending university at the University of Tampa last fall, plus they hardly ever call now. I saw them during Christmas last year, but they aren’t coming home this summer. Jeff wants to take extra classes, plus Bonnie wants to hang out at in Clearwater Beach with all her new friends. I absolutely didn’t want to guilt trip them, although I miss the two of them terribly. Would it kill them to reach out more frequently? I only hear from them whenever I contact them first. If I waited for Jeff plus Bonnie me to contact me, I’d never hear from them. I’m happy they’re happy in Tampa, but I secretly wish they’d decide to visit home more often.