Would it kill the kids to call?

My son and my daughter are twins, and they have always been best friends.

When they were kids, they enjoyed the same activities, sports, and games. I wasn’t very surprised, when they decided to attend the same College. I was a little surprised, when they decided to leave and go to Florida. I always pictured the kids growing up and going to college here in Iowa, but they wanted to move to Florida and go to the beach. I didn’t really understand, but I didn’t want to keep the kids from having an adventure. When Jeb and Bonnie were accepted to the University of Tampa, I was thrilled and sad. I knew they would both leave and go to college together. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. Jeb and Bonnie started attending school at the University of Tampa last year, and they hardly ever call. I saw them for Christmas last year, but they didn’t come home at all during the summer. Jeff decided to take extra classes, and Bonnie wanted to hang out at in Clearwater Beach with her friends. I certainly didn’t want to make my kids feel bad, but I miss them both terribly. Would it kill them to call me more frequently? I only hear from them once or twice a week, and that’s only if I call them. If I waited for Jeb and Bonnie me to call me, I might never hear the phone ring. I’m really glad that my kids are having a great time in Tampa, but I secretly hope they decide to move back home soon.

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