Would you rather live somewhere where you do not need heat or you do not need a/c?

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to temperatures and seasons they are comfortable with, and some people care about the sizzling weather.

  • Some people love the freezing weather.

Some people like to experience all more than 2 seasons. Personally I have only lived in two regions of the country. I lived in the northeast region for most of our life, and I have been living in the southeast region for almost more than 2 years now. I have experienced needing heat and I have experienced needing air conditioning in both locales I have lived. I recently got into a conversation with a neighbor about temperature preferences, then my neighbor asked myself and others if I would rather live in a locale where I never needed to turn the heat on or a locale where I never needed to turn the air conditioning system on. At first I said I would rather live in a locale where I did not need to turn the heat on because I typically believe irritated when it is too freezing out. However, I am currently experiencing a heat advisory where I live and it is extremely sizzling and humid. I had to suppose about our answer a little bit longer. If I lived somewhere where I never needed to turn the heat on, how terrible would the summers be ? I do not suppose I could personally handle summers that are hotter or more humid than where I currently live! Living in a locale where I never needed air conditioning would be amazing in the summers. How brutal would the winters be? Would I be trapped inside in the central heat in front of a fireplace all Winter time long? At the end of the day, I was not able to answer this question.

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