Wrong text

The same as I hate getting wrong cellphone number calls, I even hate getting cell cellphone wrong texts even more! Lately I keep getting these texts from some heating plus a/c company talking about discounts on heating plus cooling tune up plus check ups plus reminding someone that their seasonal heat plus a/c tune up is around the corner.

First off, I do not even get heating plus cooling system tune up plus check ups. I feel they say that it helps prevent heating plus cooling system break downs plus extends the life of your heating plus cooling unit. But for me, I feel it is a waste of money as I have never had any serious problems with my central heating plus cooling system component in all the 8 years i’ve had it thus far. Second off, even if I did do heating plus cooling system tune up plus check ups I would never agree to get text reminders plus messages from the local heating plus cooling business. They would not even have my cell cellphone, which I use mostly for company only. So what’s the deal here? The person that this is meant for must have a similar cellphone number. I feel terrible for them that they are not getting their heating plus cooling system tune up plus check up reminders. If I knew who it was or even had a clue I would call them up plus tell them myself. But what can you do in a situation love this?

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