Yoga class was not that impressive

I am a gymnast and I do a gymnastics based work out everyday.

Due to this, I do a lot of stretching and my balance is nothing to scoff at.

I am very all body toned. My friend Dani only does yoga for a work out. She used to tell me how hard yoga was. Her teacher was amazing and did moves nobody could do. My friend constantly talked about how sore and sweaty she would get. So on a whim I decided to do a yoga class. I am way too good at yoga due to my gymnastics training. A lot of the poses are what I do for stretching. I also can hold any position the teacher gave me forever. One of the hardest moves was just a headstand. My buddy kept flopping and flailing about. A headstand is a very easy gymnastic trick. I could hold mine forever. I also have taught gymnastics and helped out my buddy. I was not very impressed with the teacher or the class. What was interesting is that outside the class was a bulletin board filled with flyers for other fitness classes. There was a group fitness class that focused on weight training. Another fitness class focused on physical therapy, which are people with injuries. Each class was very unique and looked more interesting than yoga. I think I might drag Dani to one of those next time rather than yoga. I would way rather try personal training and lifting weights than sitting in a headstand. At least the class would be something different.


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