You can pull out all the contaminants from the air with a good air purifier

I have recently come to learn quite a bit about the relationship between HVAC and fantastic indoor air quality levels. In my mind, I pretty much always thought that fantastic HVAC meant fantastic indoor air quality. And, that is true to a certain level. HVAC goes a long way toward keeping our inside air quality great. The main way it accomplishes this is through humidity control. As the HVAC appliance turns on to cool the dwelling, it doesn’t just start pumping in cooled air from some canister. No, it begins the cooling process by taking away hot air from inside and pushing it to the outside. That leaves the cooler air to fill that void. However, hot inside air is not the only thing being removed from the dwelling. In fact, as the HVAC appliance is extracting hot inside air, it is taking with it a large amount of moisture as well. This allows the inside air to have balanced humidity. Balanced humidity essentially means mitigating mold & mildew growth. Mold is not good for the respiratory system and the indoor air quality. However, introducing a quality air purifier can allow the HVAC appliance to take the indoor air quality to a much higher level. I was able to learn this first hand when my buddy got one in his house. She had made complaints for years about the aroma of her indoor air. And frankly, she wasn’t wrong about it. But when she got the quality air purifier, I was seriously blown away at how clean the air was in her dwelling. Not only was the aroma better however the air was incredibly clean. She now has the most wonderful indoor air conditions due to a HEPA air filter for the HVAC and the quality air purifier. It is actually installed inside the HVAC. The air purifier works to kill all contaminants in the air as it passes through the air handler.


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