Zeus ordered HEPA air filters online

Zeus isn’t your average joe. He is a dedicated police officer who loves his job. Ever since he was young, Zeus wanted to become a police officer and ride in a patrol car fighting crime. When he was 10, his dad’s friend managed to take him on a ride-along. Zeus got a chance to see first hand the life of an officer and the different gadgets they use. His mind was set and eventually he did go for training and now works in a big city. Zeus has a family and recently he and his wife managed to purchase a home. The house is in a lovely neighborhood and close to great schools. Zeus landed on a good property that even came with a modern Heating and AC unit. He had an HVAC expert come out to inspect the Heating, Ventilation and AC unit before purchasing the place. Zeus had learned a long time ago the importance of such HVAC inspections to ascertain the units are running well. When the HVAC expert was done with the inspection, he explained to Zeus and his wife that the cooling and heating unit was good to go. But, he had to change the air filters to improve the Heating and AC unit’s efficiency. The HVAC expert went on to explain that adding a HEPA filter would do wonders for their indoor air quality. That evening, Zeus ordered HEPA air filters online to ensure he had some at hand when it was time to change. It’s important to always change the air filters once a month, especially during summer and winter months. His police training had taught him the importance of always being prepared.



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