Zone control HVAC turns out to be such a blessing

But we also now have the most incredible HVAC technology ever

I’m really sort of a lucky person. Having a really great partner in this life is just essential. And I have one that makes life not only all the sweeter but also much less complicated. We tend to fill in for each other with different but offsetting strengths and weaknesses. That’s never been more on display than with us replacing the HVAC equipment. I was a bit out to lunch on it and my wife was right there to carry us to the finish line. When the HVAC technician told us that our HVAC unit was at the end, I wasn’t all that surprised really. That old HVAC unit ran for more than two decades without even one breakdown. Of course, I attribute that to all the consistent, seasonal HVAC maintenance over all that time. Still, I was in the middle of some complicated stuff at work that was on my mind nearly constantly. So when we met with the HVAC professional to go over what’s new in residential HVAC, I was just a bit checked out. I tried to understand and focus but I just wasn’t there. That’s why I’m lucky to have the partner that I do. She noticed and just sort of took over. Thanks to her, we not only got through the meeting with the HVAC contractor productively. But we also now have the most incredible HVAC technology ever. I’m totally smitten with the zone controlled HVAC. I just can’t get over how great it is to be able to customize the heating and cooling in our home the way we can now.

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