Zoomies Inside plus Outside Lead to Need for air conditioning plus Water

I have a up-to-date pet that I got from the local pet shelter, then i am loving her plus enjoying spending time with her, she is always doing something funny,a dn in fact, the pet trainer I hired plus also I myself believe she is still a puppy, and the shelter staff said she is about numerous years old, however both of us don’t believe that by the way she behaves, one thing she does is get the zoomies.

  • When I had my golden retriever many years ago, he too, got the zoomies, however back then it was known as FRAP, which stands for frantic random interest period, anyway, zoomies are not usual in adult cats; My pet has zoomies every afternoon, plus it is so funny to watch her.

She runs about 50 miles per hour plus then she gets exhausted. That is when it is funniest because she can’t decide whether she wants to get water or run to the air conditioning air vent. She needs both water plus air conditioning, plus sometimes she stands between the water bowl plus the air conditioning air vent trying to decide where to go first. It’s hilarious! Usually, I will call her over to the water bowl to help her out plus make the decision for her. Of course, while she is drinking, I am sitting over the air conditioning air vent enjoying the air conditioning for myself! If you are going to have a puppy who gets the zoomies, you need to be sure to keep the ceiling fan running, keep the air conditioning control component set low, plus keep a full bowl of water on the floor. And you may have to help your pup choose between air conditioning plus water!


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