AC going out in his pickup truck

My parents live an hour down south from my siblings and I.

  • It is sort of a pain anytime we want to see them.

An hour is a long time to just sit in the car. It is a straight shot and a real boring drive. My parents need rides to the airport, rides to come and visit us and they also want company. So it is a lot of back and forth. To make it better, the siblings team up. Usually we go in a pair to give the other one company. This last weekend, my oldest brother and I drove down to see mom and dad. My brother has this ancient pickup truck that we had to bring. My parents needed things hauled and wanted to send stuff back with us. The old truck barely runs and frequently breaks down. Well this time on the trip the AC just stopped working. One minute we had quality cooling and then the car felt like 100 degrees. When you live in the south, cooling is super necessary. Natural air coming through the windows just doesn’t cut it. The sun was pouring in through the windows and making the leather seats hotter too. With no air conditioning and only hot, muggy air, we were sweaty beasts. By the time we arrived to our parent’s the two of us had soaked through our shirts, underwear and shorts. The first thing we did was sit by their home cooling system. We both dreaded the ride back home with no AC the whole time we were there.


a/c repair