Breezy day

Who doesn’t love a nice breezy day if you live around great air quality? I am lucky enough to be one of these people! When we have a nice breezy day it is time to open up all of the windows and give the central air conditioning a rest. Especially after having the central air conditioning run all summer long. It could use a break. Also, some people have some kind of air purification system in their homes. On these nice breezy days they can give the air purification systems a rest too. Because the air quality outside is so good, it is just like having an air purifier running throughout your home. I do not take these totally awesome breezy days for granted because they don’t happen all too often. But when they do it is totally heaven! I once had a few portable air purification systems in my home and I would run them all the time and keep the indoor air quality in my home super awesome. However, I have to tell you that the air quality coming from nature itself on these really breezy nice days beats out any kind of air purifier type air hands down. I was surprised when I first experienced this great air quality that we have in our local area, around our city and in our town in general. There is never a day that goes by which has any kind of bad air quality over here! And for that I am super dooper grateful to the area in which I am proud to live in.



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