Candles, dinner and the HVAC

I have never been anything at all like a player when it comes to the opposite sex.

  • While not wholly unattractive, I’ve always struggled a bit with my confidence when it comes to the ladies.

And this was never more apparent when I was trying to romance the woman who is now my wife. She and I will sit quietly in the air conditioning and laugh about just how bumbling I was back then. My wife tells me that she was into me for all the other reasons outside of my romantic skills. Still, she tells me that it was endearing that I tried so hard at something that just didn’t come all that naturally to me. Our first few dates were pretty typical with dinner out and a movie or an event. But once we were alone in the air conditioning comfort of my apartment, the wheels sort of came off for me. I really stumbled to try and be cool. Over one month, I had her over for a homemade dinner like 5 times. And each time, I cooked the entree to the best of my ability but it wasn’t all that great. So I thought I would make up for it with a massive candlelight display. What I didn’t realize was that all those candles were having an effect on something other than my now wife. Doing that over and over again in that small apartment almost killed my HVAC equipment. All that burnt candle wax ended up totally covering my HVAC air filter. I caught it in time, thankfully. But it would have been worth some HVAC equipment to end up with the person who I love the most in this life.

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