Cleaning out the garage.

It is that time of year again when spring cleaning is in order.

  • And this year with my spring cleaning I will be including cleaning out my garage.

It has been cluttered up with all kinds of old junk and it’s now time to throw out a lot of it, and keep some. One thing I want to find that I know is in there somewhere is my old window air conditioning system. What would I want with an old outdated window air conditioning system you may ask? Well, I actually want it to put in my little hobby room that I have in the house. Because honestly, when it gets really hot out, the blazing sun hits that room the worst. And this makes it so that the central air conditioning system does not cool it off and do its job as it should. But if I had a good old fashioned window air conditioning system unit in there all would be great and it would work it all out perfectly. I believe that I should find the old window air conditioning system unit in the end of all the cleaning. The window air conditioning system unit is actually what I am mostly looking for. The other junk in there will mostly all get thrown out I think. I’m of course basing this on what I know is there. But I may find more things of value as I move along with the clean out process. That is the whole joy of spring cleaning!


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