Hooking up the new study

A huge part of the reason the people I was with and I got a bigger property was so that I could have a study, a room to call my own.

As the dad, your own personal area commonly gets lost. I have multiple daughters plus a wife, so I had not had a personal area to call my own in over a decade! Eventually I had a room, which would be part study, part man cave, plus all my own. I would have custom LED strip lighting around the baseboards to start with, a nice sized plasma screen tv on the wall, a plush sofa plus chair combo. I also wanted a dedicated air conditioner for the room, so I didn’t have to actually rely on the central HVAC equipment of the property. With so many opinionated people in the property (meaning my wife plus youngsters) I couldn’t risk them going mad over the thermostat while I was locked away in my study. I mean, it was great for them to use the thermostat, but I didn’t wish for something like that to impede on my private time! By acquiring this small, portable air conditioner equipment I don’t have to agonize about my comfort ever again. The thing is little enough to fit under the Coffee table, plus powerful enough for cooling down the entire room in as little as 20 minutes. It’s not strong enough for cooling off a whole property, however it doesn’t have to be — it fits my needs just right, and perhaps a little too nicely. I have found I need to put the little air conditioner in the far corner, or it will make my legs too frigid.



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