I have special hearing skills that help when troubleshooting my HVAC unit

My kids swear that I have some sort of super human hearing power.

I let them suppose that because it genuinely doesn’t hurt our position as dad. At the same time, I guess our hearing isn’t exactly super human. But it’s pretty wonderful and has been that way all our life. Like for example I work in a stressed office environment and I can still hear the zone controlled heating and A/C kick on. Even with the din of our office, I can hear that A/C when it comes on. I suppose this has something to do with being able to separate sounds in our head. That might be due to how I grew up. I grew up way out in the boonies. And 1 of our favorite pastimes was to lie in the turf at night and listen to all the critters. To do that, I had to develop the ability to concentrate on just what I was trying to listen to. Seems love is an uncommon thing to do I guess but it was better than sitting in the A/C seeing Hee Haw with our folks. But I was able to hear odd frogs over all the other frogs and bugs and birds making noises. This came in handy a lot throughout our life. It even came in handy with the heating and A/C device not too long ago. Each time I walked by the heating and A/C cabinet outside, I heard this easily high-pitched sound coming from it. Or at least, I thought I did. It took me multiple attempts to get confident that I was hearing something strange. So I called the heating and A/C contractor up and they sent out a heating and A/C professional. Sure enough, there were some bearings going terrible that had it gone on much longer, it would have resulted in a heating and A/C breakdown.
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