It’s all about my new lady cave

A big part of the reason the two of us got a greater sized home was so that I could have a study, a room of my own.

  • As the mother, your own personal space usually gets lost.

I have several daughters & a husband, so I had not had personal space to call my own in well over a decade. Finally I had a room, which would be partly a study, and partly a lady cave, & all mine. Custom LED strip lighting around the baseboards to start, a sizable plasma screen tv on the wall, a plush sofa & chair combo. I was also hoping to get a dedicated air conditioner appliance for the room, so I didn’t have to rely on the central Heating, Ventilation, & A/C appliance of the dwelling. With numerous opinionated people in the dwelling (meaning my husband & boys) I couldn’t risk them going back and forth over the temperature control component while I was locked away in my study. I mean, it was just fine for them to use the control unit, although I didn’t want that to spoil my private time. By acquiring this small, portable air conditioner appliance I don’t have to fret about my comfort ever again. The thing is tiny enough to fit under the coffee table, & actually strong enough for cooling down the entire room in a matter of minutes. It’s not actually strong enough for cooling off a whole dwelling, but it doesn’t have to be — it fits my needs just fine, and perhaps a little too fine. This is because I have found I need to put the little air conditioner appliance in the far corner, or it will make my legs freeze.



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