My AC broke while I am away

My neighbor is tending to my flat overseas while I am out of the country, and she just sent news that my air conditioner isn’t functioning anymore.

She said she went into the flat the other afternoon and it was super warm inside, so she turned on the AC to find no freezing air blowing from the vents anymore.

I am going to have to contact the landlord and see about getting it fixed before I come back because it is now Summer and there is no way I’ll be able to live there without some kind of weather conditions control. I have some fans in the space, however they aren’t going to be much of a cooling factor when the weather is extremely hot and humid. I have a companion who works as a cooling specialist over there and I am going to ask her if she has time to go over and look at my Heating and A/C system. I think she will be able to figure out what the complication is because she is an experienced HVAC technician with a wealth of knowledge. I have some time before I am supposed to go back, and I will honestly change my flight before I return to a flat with no air conditioning in the dead of summer. I can be patient and wait for my friend to detect and solve the problem with my HVAC system. I’ll have to get a Heating and A/C method tune-up while she is there so this doesn’t happen again.