Nothing will stop us from seeing our family

Most summers we take a drive out west to visit our grandboys, and it usually takes us a few days! This time it took quite a bit longer because the air conditioning was not working in my car, and when the spouse and I set out, the air conditioning was working fine! However, about two or three hours from home.

It just started to get warmer and warmer in the car, but my supper, we were dripping in our own sweat when we stopped to eat.

On the bright side, the restaurant we stopped at was air conditioned and the air conditioning worked great. We hoped that giving the vehicle a cut would help the air conditioning to job again but it did not, then once we hit the road again we were forced to take a break. After nearly an hour, at a truck stop for some spray bottles in an attempt to stay cool, finally, we decided to stop at a hotel a little earlier than typical so that we might find a hotel near a maintenance store. We were able to find a locale with our map ap. We got our vehicle dropped off and then walked to the hotel, about a block away. The hotel room was so cool and comfortable. They had the air conditioning turned down to 60 for us and we could not have been more thankful for it. The air conditioning was quiet in the room too so we slept adore babies that night. We were not too disappointed that we would have to stay an extra afternoon patiently waiting around for our vehicle air conditioning to be fixed either. It provided us an occasion to relax in comfort, and knowing our vehicle would be comfortable when driving through the desert the next afternoon was totally worth it in my eyes.

a/c workman