Proud of my child for how she runs the HVAC company

I have to disclose that for a very long while I wasn’t certain that my child could run the business.

  • I still see her as a young child, however she is a college educated plus self sufficient young woman plus leader of her own family.

I started this company with a van, a few tools, plus elbow grease. While maybe the people I was with and I aren’t the biggest company in the world, the people I was with and I surely have grown tremendously… My corporation is my baby, just like my child happens to be, so that’s why they are such an enjoyable fit. In her first few weeks as the boss, current Heating plus A/C business has increased by 60%. It is definitely no coincidence that a major part of the reason for this is that a vast majority of our Heating plus A/C techs happen to be female now. Heating plus cooling repair, like a majority of blue collar jobs, has been male dominated since the beginning. My child saw that there was money in changing up the status quo, and to myself and others it sounded like a risky move to make, to bet on the plan that more ladies would call us for Heating plus A/C work if they knew they would get a female tech to help them. It turns out she was right about this move, plus I just never saw the truth because I was blinded by the traditional past of Heating plus A/C appliance work… A truly skilled Heating plus A/C tech works with their hands plus their brains, plus myself and others thinking men were just naturally greater at it… well, that was certainly wrong. It seems that my child is a great deal smarter than I gave her actual credit for, plus this Heating plus A/C appliance company is in the best possible hands.

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